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Retire Young, Retire Rich

With this book you'll take your first steps to becoming financially free. You'll learn Rich Dad's Keys to building financial security so that you can ultimately have the life you want. The Rich Dad tools can help you change your life. $16.95 You've not much to lose by reading this book! >>


The Millionaire Next Door

This incredible national bestseller is changing people's lives -- and increasing their net worth!  It reveals that the accumulation of wealth in the United States is most often done through hard work, diligent savings, and living a frugal lifestyle. You'll be surprised at what you'll find out....

List Price: £9.99
Our Price: £7.99
You Save: £2.00 (20%)
Used Price: £6.75

Free UK delivery on orders over £39 with Super Saver Delivery. Availability: usually dispatched within 24 hours. Category(ies): Business, Finance & Law



Fish! Sticks: A Remarkable Way to Adapt...

This third book in the "Fish!" series shows how to create an innovative business vision.

The original volume, "Fish!", told the story of a fictional company that transformed itself by applying lessons learned from Seattle's Pike Place Fish Market.

"Fish! Tales", the follow-up book, described real-life companies that boosted morale and improved results by implementing these same principles.

In this third volume, the authors show readers how to create their own business vision, revealing sustainable ways to establish a management style that works. They also show how to keep this vision alive and renewed through the tough and changing times, such as turnover in management and staff.

List Price: £7.99
Our Price: £6.39
You Save: £1.60 (20%)

Free UK delivery on orders over £39 with Super Saver Delivery. Availability: usually dispatched within 24 hours.  Category(ies): Business, Finance & Law


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