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CD WOW! Sell Chart New and Pre release CD's and DVD for the best possible prices.

Free delivery
All new CD's are Just £8.99 and DVD's start from £4.99, all orders are inclusive of FREE DELIVERY, so the price you see is the price you pay.

DVDs on Tap

DVDs On Tap / Love Film Unlimited - is an award-winning DVD rental-by-post service offering unlimited film rentals from under £4 per month.

  • Starting with a two week, no-strings-attached free trial, choose the films you want to watch and add them to a “queue” preference list.
  • DVDs are sent by first class post and can be kept for as long as desired
  • There are no late charges
  • Return your DVD in a pre-paid envelope, and the next selection in your queue is dispatched.
  • After the two week free trial you can opt to stay on for a low monthly membership fee.
  • No minimum term of subscription and you can cancel at any time provided all your DVDs have been returned.

DVDs on Tap

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